My Practice

“The penchant for plastic surgery emanates from a transcendental desire. It’s an attempt made to harmonize body and spirit and emotion and rationale, seeking to establish equilibrium that allows an individual to feel at peace with his own image and with the surrounding universe.” Professor Ivo Pitanguy

In over two decades, of being in the field of medicine, I have been vastly enriched by my exposure to diverse and complex surgical cases during my professional training in Plastic Surgery. In a span of over 14 years in this speciality,  my work has encompassed a wide assortment of cases ranging from repairing cleft lip and palate babies, to treating burn victims and post burn deformity patients, to helping rejoin amputated limbs and hands by microvascular surgery, reconstructing accidental facial trauma victims and  reconstructing head and neck and breast cancer patients.

The myriad of experience acquired in this field has been immensely  aided with extensive training and continuous education in the ever evolving field earmarked by innovations and new technology. My extensive and incisive surgical training in Aesthetic Surgery under the aegis of the renowned Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Brazil, has endowed me with the requisite skills to give my patients the best in surgical and non surgical cosmetic treatments. In addition, my Fellowship from the well-known Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan under the guidance of Prof. Fu Chan Wei has further enhanced my knowledge and skills in the field of Microvascular surgery.

This comprehensive experience across the range of plastic surgery techniques for the restoration of function and appearance has been mutually beneficial in cases requiring aesthetic enhancement as also in patients requiring reconstruction of a defect in a body part.

Plastic Surgery as a surgical super speciality has made technological advances by leaps and bounds in the last few decades and more so in the last few years. India is now a favoured plastic surgery destination for patients from all over the world, offering the best and the very latest in new innovations and technologies which might have originated anywhere in the globe. It offers the comparative advantage of making these cosmetic procedures very affordable without compromising on any aspect of treatment quality. For patients looking for more than just cosmesis, India also offers wonderful opportunities to explore the holistic concept of wellness in this mystical land.

During the 14 years of my professional practice as a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon, I discovered that I can easily empathize with my patients, with a certain degree of inherent perceptiveness, aesthetic sensitivity and an attention to detail which is essential to my practice. To me, Plastic Surgery unites knowledge, engineering and art, with dedication, sensitivity and passion, for the objective of obtaining a natural result which is in harmony with the patient's own essence.

When striving for harmony, it is important to closely understand what the patient is expecting from a surgical procedure, and strive to achieve the closest results as those expressed by the patient, while remaining safely within established technical parameters. Healthy individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations are appropriate candidates for cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else's desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.

It is extremely important to me that my patients clearly understand the pros and cons and the expected results of any surgical or non surgical procedure they may be undergoing. The aim of is to help patients considering plastic surgery to make informed decisions on the safest, most effective and most appropriate procedure for them. When considering the benefits that good plastic surgery can bring, potential side effects must also be considered. I take care not to sell illusions to any of my patients and take the time to clearly underscore the benefits as also the technical limitations of Plastic Surgery, since it is neither magical nor a means of creating miracles but simply an endeavour toward enhancing the patients outer and therefore  inner form.

Consultations with my patients happen in an environment of transparency and privacy. I understand and respect that I am being shown what may be a privately held aesthetic defect, something that is possibly embarrassing and often not shared even with a spouse or a close friend as well as the patients need to become whole again.

All details regarding the various procedures are shared and a surgical strategy to achieve optimum results within the established parameters is charted out and executed.  All surgical procedures are performed in a major hospital setup with a State of the Art Operation Theatres, experienced anaesthesiologists along with with excellent infrastructure. The postop recovery is made a comfortable experience for the patients with all their needs attended to.